Wishing You And Your Family A Happy and Safe Halloween!








Halloween is one of my family’s favorite occasions…a chance to dress up, let loose, and indulge.  But even with all the excitement, I always put safety first and take the necessary precautions during and after trick-or-treating.

I take a similar approach with all my clients when it comes to their real estate investment.


Caution should be made when looking to buy the following types of properties:

  • Houses on an irregular lot:
    These properties may be considered to have bad Feng Shui, or may be unattractive to builders, which will then reduce your potential buyers during resale.
  • Houses on a “T junction”:
    These houses are also considered to have negative Feng Shui and may limit your potential buyers when reselling.

  • Properties that are overpriced:
    Even in today’s market with multiple offers above asking price, there is a risk that banks will not finance a property that comes in much higher than the assessed value.

  • Properties near a lot of new construction:
    Increased newer options in the neighborhood may decrease the future resale value of the property particularly if it is an older home.

If you are thinking of buying or selling now or in the future…start asking me questions.  I can help with a buying or selling strategy for you, call 604-727-0822 or email john@johnpatricelli.com.